Channeled messages from God
on how to overcome any crisis.

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A rainbow is a symbol of hope when you are in crisis.

It is a also symbol of the planning process you use to get out of your crisis.

Our catalog is not like others. It is based on the planning process. When you are in crisis, you are 180 degrees from where you think you are. Our books are channeled messages from God, designed to guide you, stage by stage and step by step, back on track to your goal.


Walk the Rainbow

Now available to independent members only—

"A Little Angel Told Me..."

by Archangel Michael and Karen Holmes

For people who are facing their end of life crisis,
the Crisis Packet is like having a visit from an angel.
The set includes three booklets. "A Little Angel Told Me..."
by Archangel Michael, "The Principles of Spiritual Shopping"
by Lady Gaia, the female aspect of God,
and "Roles and Goals" by I AM That I AM, the male aspect of God.
"The Principles of Spiritual Shopping" and "Roles and Goals" are the first two booklets of the Getting Out of the Crisis Series, and the first two booklets of the catalog.

The Crisis Packet is one of our Pass It On booklets,
meant to be gifted to family and friends.

A little Angel Told Me...

Mankind is also Walking the Rainbow—

The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

Track Our Progress 2012

We publish books for each government proposal that explain how to solve the global crises in greater depth.

An Exit Strategy for Iraq

U.S. Constitutional Amendment

World Peace newsletters
Each issue of "World Peace" newsletter highlights a government proposal.

Half the income from all our books goes to support the organization and our projects,
which benefit everyone!

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